Tuesday 1 October 2019

Classic Sausage Rolls

It has officially been four years since my last post on here, yikes! The blog, formally known as The Master Chefette (now no longer due to forgetting to renew my domain) used to be my outlet when I lived in the UK. I was supply teaching at that point, and I had a lot of time to write and photograph and I really enjoyed doing it. I have missed blogging so much, it has just been pushed to the side with full-time teaching, maintaining a house and a life and everything in between. 

As it is now school holidays and I have had time to really relax and reflect I have decided to delve back into the blogging world, who knows how long it'll last? I used to put so much pressure on myself to capture great images, edit them, write a great post and respond to queries etc, but it became too complicated with everything else. I recently started following Dianne Morrisey. Her Instagram content is simple iPhone pictures and stories of what she cooks for her family, and I love it. I thought to myself, this would be a great way of sharing my passion for cooking, without boring all my family and friends on my personal account (sorry guys).

These photos were taken years ago, which I never posted or blogged about, I found them deep within the crypt of my old computer files, so here I am! I make these sausage rolls several times throughout the year, namely for morning tea for the staff at my school. They are a crowd-pleaser, I know this to be true! I love how much people love a good old simple sausage roll, with fresh ingredients!

Like other simple family favourites, people always have something different or do something different with their sausage rolls. What is different about yours?



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