Wednesday 28 November 2012

Chefette's Italian Shellfish Stew!

Now I apologise in advance for the lack of specific quantities in this recipe, but when you're cooking true Italian style, "a little bit of this" and "a little bit of that" are perfectly fine. This dish is PACKED full of flavour, is relatively cheap and providing you don't over indulge on fresh ciabatta bread, it is relatively healthy.

Italian Shellfish Stew

1 bag of mussels (de-bearded)
350ish grams of green prawns
A whole crab or some large crab legs
(Any other seafood that takes your fancy)
1 litre of tomato passata
Some fresh tomatoes
4 cloves of garlic
Fresh chilli
Olive Oil
1 red onion
White Wine
Ciabatta bread for serving

1. Start by ensuring all your seafood is clean and ready to use.
2. In a large pot with a generous amount of olive oil, add diced onion, chilli and garlic and fry until soft, but not brown.
3. Add a generous splash of white wine, and by splash maybe 1 cup or so.
4. Add passata, chopped tomatoes and large handful of chopped flat leaf parsley to the pot and simmer for about 30 minutes. (Add salt, pepper and sugar to the sauce to taste)
5. Add shellfish to the sauce and simmer with the lid on for about 20 minutes or until mussels have opened up. (Depending on the seafood you're using and the size, this time will vary. Also if you have smaller prawns you may want to add these last as they won't take long to cook.
6. Serve with ciabatta bread, which is delicious to soak up the beautiful sauce!


  1. OMG yum and excuse amazing are you photos? xx


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