Wednesday 1 August 2012

Cookie Monster Cupcakes

This is a pretty hot cupcake item at the moment. They look so cute and you know any little person's eyes would light up with excitement at the thought of eating this...

Now I have no shame in saying that I used a packet mix :-O I was scared they weren't going to turn out, and a packet mix was such an easier alternative.

This is what I used to make my little monsters...

Firstly I baked my Betty Crocker Triple Chocolate Muffins into some blue cupcake cases.

Whist they were cooling I made the googly eyes. I laid out my Nestle White Melts and with a little melted chocolate on the side I proceeded to stick on currants with the melted chocolate acting as my "glue".

I cut my cookies into halves and then I coloured half a bag of shredded coconut with some Blue Queen Food Colouring.

I then cut a triangular incision which removes some of the cake into the bottom part of the cupcake, this is where the cookie sits, I also cut a slit towards the top of the cake for the eyes to sit in.

Once cakes have been frosted with a plain blue frosting, dip the entire cupcake into the coconut until generously coated.

Hold the bottom of the cake firmly so the cookie can securely be inserted. Using the slit made at the top of the cupcake, insert two of your already prepared eyes.

They are so much easier than what they look, and it is priceless to see these served up a a kids birthday party. They are definitely a hit! 


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